/ The Mall and Varesine
public spaces

Green spaces
for urban livability

Milan, Italy
5,000 sqm
Varesine S.r.l.
Urban designCivic and Cultural
Multifunctional hall and public areas

Situated in Milan’s Porta Nuova area characterized by rapid urban growth and outstanding transport links, the masterplan for “Le Varesine” area comprises new public spaces that connect mixed-use and office buildings.
The project improves pedestrian circulation and provides easy access to a wide range of services. Leading people through a promenade that offers retail and commercial functions, the Varesine masterplan features a central green garden that stretches from the nearby Piazza della Repubblica transport hub to the elevated plaza on Via Melchiorre Gioia.

At the core of the masterplan’s public spaces, ‘The Mall’ multifunctional space offers a place that can host large-scale events and conferences. The building’s sloping roof covered with natural vegetation integrates seamlessly with the urban landscape while increasing the green areas open to the public.