Acpv innovation

ACPV ARCHITECTS has research, learning and material departments to enhance its design workflow and create its own perspective on the built environment and its future


ACPVLab is the studio’s in-house department that explores new modes of design through innovative virtual technology.

The work of ACPVLab amplifies expressions of human creativity by extending the boundaries of the latest technological solutions. Its goal is to carry forward the knowledge that ACPV’s leading professionals gained over a 50-year-long activity to shape a unique way in which we design and process information in the creation of one-of-a-kind buildings and spaces that prioritize people’s well-being.


ACPVAcademy offers a diverse range of learning opportunities that boost the creativity of our design teams.

ACPVTrainings are Friday breakfast get-togethers that kick-start the day. For these occasions, we select a project or a competition entry, and invite the team in charge to present and discuss their work with the rest of the practice. The trainings also cover topics that relate to the software programs we use daily, and they provide a stage for external speakers who come to join us for a debate on issues of culture, art, music, architecture, design and much more.
ACPVWorkshops bring the team out of the office and into the real world, face-to-face with companies that work side by side with our practice in delivering quality that stands out. These events connect our professionals with furniture design and architecture in new ways, through visits to construction sites and furniture companies’ workshops and laboratories. Complementing these moments of collective learning, ACPVSkills advances the professional development of each team member by offering courses that help individuals acquire new skills or master new techniques.


The choice and appropriate use of materials is pivotal in the design of buildings and interiors. It is a means for enhancing the identity of places, for shaping perceptions of environments.
The ACPVMaterials lab has materials of various typologies, shapes, sizes and textures – all digitally recorded so that they can be easily traced and used for new projects.