our purpose

we strive to give shape to spaces that embody a new culture of shared well-being

we engage in new aesthetic pursuits aiming for the timeless rather than the ephemeral, for the responsible rather than the extravagant, as we strive to give shape to new ideals of wellbeing, that can be shared and enjoyed by all. Because we can't envision a more worthy contribution to this world than being the most rigorous, humble interpreter of its extraordinary potential. we connect all our diverse professional and cultural perspectives, all our analytical and creative skills, all our wealth of knowledge and our collective ability to listen, feel and empathize, and infuse them in the specificity of each project to unlock its promise of a better life. Of a new harmony between people, between past and future, and with our planet.



Carlo Valsecchi photographs
Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel

An exhibition to narrate, through the eyes of the artist Carlo Valsecchi, the architectural works realized over twenty years (2000-2020) by the architecture and interior design firm.