/ Rolex Boutique Milan

An immersive experience in a Milanese memory of refined shopping

Milan, Italy
355 sqm
Antonio Citterio, Patricia Viel, with Francesca Carlino, and Serena Toniolo, Daniele Raimondi, Guillaume Chatelain, Andrea Cognigni, Chiara Dognini, Angela Duzel, Gabriel Fagundes, Jair Galvan, Mauro Moscardini, Mina Nazmy, Daria Passaro, Giuseppe Pultrone, Giuseppe Regano, Luciana Ricca, Elena Vezzali, Stefano Zeigner

ACPV ARCHITECTS’ project for Rolex’s new boutique consists of the extensive restoration of a prime location in Milan’s world-renown Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II shopping gallery. The spaces have been designed to guide customers through a retail experience tailored to customer needs.

Following an in-depth study of the spaces’ previous designs, the store’s color scheme and material selection achieve a synthesis between the uniquely Milanese atmosphere of the space and the identity of the Rolex brand.

The store comprises three levels: a ground floor that welcomes customers, a mezzanine level for sales, and an exclusive upper floor. The ground floor is conceived as an extension of the Galleria that produces a seamless continuity with the patterns, geometries, and Venetian terrazzo flooring of the store’s immediate surroundings.

The store’s interiors highlight the value of Italian craftsmanship and historical manufacturing processes rooted in local design traditions.