/ illy Monte Napoleone

A place for an immersive experience

Milan, Italy
300 sqm
Illycaffè S.p.A.
Renovation, Restoration and Adaptive ReuseRetail
Flagship store restyling
Antonio Citterio, Patricia Viel with Francesca Carlino, and Massimiliano Calabrò, Urszula Sekuna, Stefano Zeigner

Located in the elegant courtyard of a historic building at 19 Via Monte Napoleone, Milan’s most renowned street for shopping, illy Monte Napoleone café expresses the company’s brand identity through the use of the color red and the elegant design of the spaces. Inspired by the dynamic style of Milanese cafes, the restyling project creates a flexible space that combines the materials of classically Milanese interiors, such as hand-worked terrazzo flooring, with the walls’ recycled glass mosaic tiles and the bar’s oak wood paneling.

Enriched by elements of greenery such as the bamboo on the backdrop and the magnolia in the center, the courtyard establishes a dialogue with the interiors to create a unique experience of typically Milanese taste.