/ Symbiosis Masterplan

The new pace of Milan

Milan, Italy
Site area: 130,000 sqm Built area: 89,000 sqm
Covivio Development S.p.A
Urban design
New business district

Symbiosis is a mixed-use, urban center built on a former industrial zone of Milan, in one of the city’s most creative and growing areas. It’s the biggest Milanese pedestrian area and represents the most ambitious manifesto for a more sustainable, high-quality life. Symbiosis has been chosen as home by companies such as Fastweb, Moncler and LVMH, whose headquarters were also designed by ACPV ARCHITECTS.

It will be the perfect place to share a future-oriented approach in any field. The project aligns with a greener public administration mindset and a smarter concept of mobility. Its spaces are conceived to be flexible and able to evolve with the fast-changing scenario of the city.