/ Cascina Merlata Masterplan

The future of urban livability

Milan, Italy
Site area: 900,000 sqm
Built area: 470,000 sqm
Cascina Merlata S.p.A.
Urban design
New mixed-use urban development

The masterplan for Cascina Merlata represents a major territorial transformation that creates an innovative residential settlement located to the northwest of Milan. Conceived with residents’ needs and well-being in mind, the project embodies a new urban district that integrates a detailed mixture of spaces for housing and commerce, all connected by an immense green park that runs through the center of the masterplan area.

The Cascina Merlata district improves livability on the outskirts of Milan by offering social housing solutions within easy reach of all essential services, such as shops, schools and transportation.
Oriented towards the principles of social and environmental sustainability, the project favors energy-efficient building technologies in an area that offers diverse opportunities for cultural, sport and leisure activities.