/ Poste Italiane Milan

Designed for people’s comfort, security and ease of use

Milan, Italy
400 sqm
Poste Italiane
Retail Concept

Designed as the post office of the future, the innovative space in Milan is the first realization of the new retail concept for the Italian Post (Poste Italiane). Featuring advanced digital and design solutions, comfort and security, the new retail concept is planned for post offices across Italy.

A welcoming space, organized in a highly efficient and functional way, is highlighted by bespoke, technologically powered design elements, representing the brand identity of Italian Post.

Unique screens, embedded in windows, allow for maximum accessibility to services at any time. The space is punctuated by the strategic use of color, digitally printed stoneware, and typically Italian architectural elements such as circle motifs, arches and polychrome marble flooring, characteristic of monuments such as historic churches.