/ 99 Bonham

A beacon
of refined design

Hong Kong, Hong Kong
5,000 sqm
Asiatic Ltd
New high-rise hotel

Located a few blocks away from Hong Kong’s iconic ferry terminal and twin towers, on a building site of just over 250 square meters, the ‘99 Bonham’ hotel building offers 84 guest rooms. The tower’s opaque four-story podium forms a sculpted volume that contains the lobby and the hotel’s office and technical spaces, while the 28 stories above house the hotel rooms, wrapped in a curtain wall of reflecting glass on the southern façade.

99 Bonham is bordered by slender load-bearing reinforced concrete walls, while the eastern façade – visible from one of the busiest traffic arteries of Hong Kong – is clad in stoneware mosaic tiles with a mirror effect that makes the high-rise building stand out from the surrounding tall and narrow buildings.