/ Porta Romana urban regeneration

Public spaces that
redefine local life

Milan, Italy
Urban regeneration: 62,800 sqm
Comune di Milano
Urban design
Urban regeneration

The area between Milan’s Porta Romana metro stop and disused railway yard are designed to revive the local urban fabric with 6,320 sqm of new public spaces, offering a collection of meeting places that adapt to people’s ever-changing needs. By reactivating a north-south urban axis that runs from the city center through Via Crema and Piazza Trento all the way to ACPV ARCHITECTS’ Symbiosis business district, the urban regeneration of the area inserts a new point of centrality into the urban fabric of the city, following a polycentric and pedestrian-friendly model for sustainable urban development.

Large pedestrian areas, two new squares, more green spaces and bicycle paths will turn the entire area around the new corporate campus of Italian multi-utility A2A into a diverse, multigenerational and attractive neighborhood.