/ A2A Headquarters

An office building inspired by the industrial past of its location

Milan, Italy
Total Area: 33,000 sqm
Tower height: 144 m
A2A S.p.A.
Workspaces and HeadquartersHigh-riseRenovation, Restoration and Adaptive Reuse
New office tower and adaptive reuse of historic building
The International Architecture Award
Antonio Citterio, Patricia Viel, with Francesca Carlino, Claudio Raviolo, and Clara Alfieri, Lucrezia Castagnoli, Guillaume Chatelain, Pasquale Dacchille, Carmine D'Amore, Angela Duzel, Gioele Foschi, Massimo Frigerio, Paolo Gordon, Claudio Gravina, Giorgio Marongiu, Paolo Migliori, Cristiano Piagnerelli, Daniele Raimondi, Luciana Ricca, Giovanni Saputo, Urszula Sekuna, Elena Vezzali

The headquarters of Italian multi-utility company A2A is a major urban development comprising a new 144-meter-high tower and the adaptive reuse of the firm’s existing buildings with a contemporary design approach. The project will create office spaces that adapt to people’s ever-changing needs at work, while reviving the local urban fabric with 6,320 sqm of new green public spaces.

The new high-rise building will accommodate 1,500 people in flexible spaces complemented by a green courtyard shared with the existing buildings that will be revitalized. Vertically, the tower divides in the middle into two sets of office floors framed by the spacious entrance hall on the ground floor, the Sky Garden in the middle and the topmost Belvedere that will open to panoramic views of Milan.