/ The Welcoming Room

An exploration into the potential of ceramics

Milan, Italy
Marazzi Group
RetailCivic and Cultural

The Welcoming Room – the installation at the Marazzi Group showroom for Milan Design Week 2021 – conceives a hybrid home environment where the kitchen merges with the living room, thanks to the use of ceramics. The room expresses a more hybrid and versatile lifestyle through experimentation and innovation in creating a place that accommodates ever-changing social dynamics in an open setting.

The installation project achieves this by employing the compositional versatility of Marazzi’s ceramics collections, and a series of cross-references between kitchen and living room elements. For example, the base of the bench is the same stoneware as the kitchen counter and the work top. The furnishings, equipped walls and the use of space encourage social interaction, celebrating the rituals of cooking and spending time in the company of others.