Situated at a prime Milan location, the textured design of Princi Café underscores the unique quality of the artisanal products offered and redefines the essence of the space: a niche restaurant, secret and discreet, curated to the finest details. Its kitchen positioned behind glasses functions almost as a educative hall that teaches about food preparation in a stimulating way. The counter is redesigned as an immense 10-meter-long table, integrated with various types of tables that reach into the exterior open-air sitting areas. Using materials left in their natural state without any artificial finishes, and with the lighting design by Metis Lighting we darkened the interior: basalt stones for walls, browned wood for flooring and saw-cut surfaces for tables.

2014 “Bar e Ristoranti d’Autore” prize by IN/ARCH, Istituto Nazionale di Architettura

300 sqm
Princi Café