ACPV ARCHITECTS launches two new business units

Building on the firm’s decades-long experience in architecture and interior design, ACPV ARCHITECTS expands operations to offer digital design consultancy and video production services.

ACPVIDEO video production unit and ACPVX digital design consultancy unit are the two new in-house business units that will support the multidisciplinary design operations of the firm, while providing tailor-made services to new prospective clients. The two new business units’ services have been defined by ACPV ARCHITECTS’ in-depth understanding of complex client needs. Over more than two decades, the architecture firm has gained an industry-leading expertise in delivering one-of-a-kind building and space design projects, both in Italy and abroad. ACPV ARCHITECTS’ shared knowledge will empower the specialized teams of ACPVIDEO and ACPVX to offer services of unique value and quality.

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