/ Printemps Haussmann

Capturing the
light of the past

Paris, France
7,000 sqm
Printemps SAS
Renovation, Restoration and Adaptive ReuseRetail
Renovation of department store

The renovation project is a reinterpretation of the historic 1910 building in a contemporary manner while respecting its architectural alignments, volumes and decorative elements.
Iron and glass, the two main materials used in the façade, are the elements employed in the original architecture of the Le Grand Magasin du Printemps building. Iron is used in its primary forms of laminated sections with steel rivet construction.

The reflective, dichroic glass elements define the character of the façade, changing their color under different light conditions and lending a sense of depth to the architecture. The large windows, and their use of glass, recall the appearance of the neighboring blocks, and rearticulate the spirit of the historic building.