/ Palazzo Citterio

The competition entry for the restructuring of Palazzo Citterio creates new opportunities for using the historic spaces while respecting the natural functional dispositions of the complex. The design builds on the idea of ‘gesamtkunstwerk’: the building which has experienced several transformations from the 18th century becomes a piece of art in itself which, together with the exhibited artworks, offers an experience of ‘total’ art. The use of durmast oak and concrete brings a sense of identity and a unique set of expressions that represent an integral part of the building’s character. The sequence of rooms on the ground floor along Via Brera offers welcome services to the visitors, leading up to the permanent collections located on the first floor. Temporary exhibitions are located in the rustic courtyard, in the basement and the building’s top floors.

Milan, Italy
6,500 sqm
Ministero dei beni e delle attivita culturali
Renovation, Restoration and Adaptive ReuseCivic and Cultural