/ Palazzo Turati

A historic building that creates new connections

Milan, Italy
8,200 sqm
Tecnoholding S.p.A.
Renovation, Restoration and Adaptive ReuseCivic and Cultural
Conservation and adaptive reuse

The redevelopment works, architectural restoration and interior works enhance the building’s original character by removing the superfluous additions of past interventions to preserve the valuable elements of the façade, inner courtyard, the grand staircase, and the halls of the first floor. Following the highest standards of sustainability and energy efficiency, the design creates a unified vision for both exterior and interior spaces.

The renovation project achieves a harmonious synthesis between the new functions and the historic residential spirit of the building. The internal courtyard and the large spaces of the ground-floor halls open to a wide range of cultural events that turn Palazzo Turati into a hub of new connections and synergies.