/ TECCC Center for Culture and Knowledge of Energy Transition

A museum that explores energy use

Montalto di Castro, Italia
20,000 sqm
Enel Produzione S.p.A.
Renovation, Restoration and Adaptive ReuseCivic and Cultural
Adaptive reuse for museum spaces
Antonio Citterio, Patricia Viel with Claudio Raviolo, and Daria Passaro, Giovanni Saputo, Alessandro Valentini

Enel’s Center for Culture and Knowledge of Energy Transition (TECCC) offers a new innovation district that invites visitors to explore energy transition in new museum spaces by building synergies among the technical, economic, social and environmental characteristics of the site area that was originally intended for a nuclear power plant that never came into operation.

The Center comprises the new 5,000-square-meter Energy Transition Museum, exhibition spaces dedicated to art installations, spaces for educational and training activities, and event spaces connected to a panoramic terrace that allows visitors to appreciate the surrounding landscape and its extraordinary historical and architectural value.

The project is part of the Enel’s broader commitment to the redevelopment of the company’s power plants by enhancing existing structures and by integrating new renewable power plants and storage systems, combined with new business projects in different fields.