/ Church of San Bernardino

An expression of resilience and flexibility

L'Aquila, Italy
1,770 sqm
Ass. Fraterna Tau Onlus
Civic and Cultural
Church building and community spaces
After the Damages International Awards

The Church of San Bernardino was the first important public work to be completed after the earthquake that hit the city in 2009. Built in only 60 days, the project integrates liturgical and support functions in a single organism while respecting the complete autonomy of each.

The synthesis of the buildings allowed a more efficient use of the area, allowing for the creation of a large churchyard that elevates the symbolic qualities of the church building whose elongated spatial proportions allude to a sacred place of worship.
The outer boundary walls of the church complex signals the significance of the buildings from afar. The design of the church evokes the Renaissance composition of a three-nave hall church with the monumental façade system and a bell tower.