/ Bulgari Hotel Beijing

Spaces of pure comfort

Beijing, China
27,000 sqm
Beijing Haudu Hotel CO., Ltd
New hospitality building

Surrounded by lush gardens, Bulgari Hotel Beijing was conceived as an oasis of tranquility that establishes a dynamic exchange between the Chinese capital’s rich heritage and Italian design. The hotel’s interior design project is part of the Genesis Beijing multifunctional urban project that focuses on offering services that improve the local community’s quality of life. The interiors project features refined lines, bold contrasts and high-quality materials, such as solid woods and exquisite fabrics.

Using bronze touches and lavish Italian marble, the interiors incorporate a color scheme inspired by the natural surroundings.
Maintaining an uncompromisingly Italian style, every detail of the hotel’s interiors was custom-designed to combine modernity and minimalism for an elegant and harmonious ambiance.